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Rachel Gang
Providing virtual individual therapy in Maryland for adolescents and adults

As a therapist and clinical social worker, I know the stress that arises from the fast-paced world where we live. I am experienced in supporting children, families, teens, and adults. Whether you are a parent, teen or individual, all are welcome.  Maybe you're looking for guidance, education, mindfulness strategies, or a listening ear. I can help you start therapy, connect with resources and maybe even find a path to your best self.


My approach to therapy draws on multiple methods including stress management, mindfulness, CBT, and specific strategies focused on the strengths of each individual.  

It is OK to ask for help.  It is OK to not know where to start or what to say. 

Writing a message is the hardest part.  Take your time.  


  • MSW, Master of Social Work, University of Maryland, Baltimore 

  • BA, Bachelor of Arts, Bowdoin College


  • LCSW-C, Licensed Certified Social Worker, Clinical, Maryland License Number 21049 

  • Israel, Social Work License Number 37089

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