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Rachel Gang


Providing therapy in Be'er Sheva, Israel

As a therapist and clinical social worker, I know the stress that arises from work, school, family, and the fast-paced world where we live. I specialize in helping children, families, young adults, and women. Whether you are a parent, child, or individual -- whether you are looking for guidance, education, mindfulness strategies, or a listening ear -- I can help you overcome obstacles and find your path to your best self.


I have developed successful strategies to help you travel the path of life with balance and grace.  My approach to therapy draws on multiple methods including stress management, mindfulness and cognitive strategies to honor the strengths of each individual.  


Life can be a whirlwind, surrounded by cycles of ups and downs. The world around us can persuade, pressure, and distract us in ways beyond our control. Stress can build and build until we are buried underneath it looking for an escape route.  That escape route is not always easy to find.


I hope you will allow me to help you navigate the challenges of life.


I am currently accepting new clients in my Be'er Sheva office.  Contact me to schedule an appointment today.  


  • MSW, Master of Social Work, University of Maryland, Baltimore 

  • BA, Bachelor of Arts, Bowdoin College


  • Israel, Social Work License Number 37089

  • LMSW, Licensed Master of Social Work, Maryland License Number 21049